Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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E Contract Examples - Driving Quantifiable Business Benefits

+25%increase in sales

Hitachi Capital uses Dealflo to automate retail finance, personal loans and motor finance.

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+98%decrease in time

Secure Trust uses Dealflo to automate hundreds of millions of pounds of lending.

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V12 Finance trusts Dealflo to manage its compliance and enforceability risk.

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Close Brothers revolutionised their motor finance business using Dealflo.

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Dealflo is the most suitable provider for its market and circumstances and, crucially, is the only one that, thus far, appears to meet the requirements for higher risk customer documentation

— John Hughes, Director, Investec

The Dealflo project management and delivery was absolutely first class. We expect new business volumes to increase by a further 50%, again providing us huge efficiency gains and enabling us to continue to lead and protect our industry in the digital space where paper free signing solutions are rapidly becoming the norm. The efficiency gains are blindingly obvious and our intermediaries and customers provide nothing but extremely positive feedback. I couldn’t imagine life without Dealflo these days.

— David Briggs, Chief Operating Officer, First Rand Bank (Motonovo)

After completing a full RFI and RFP tender process, including all of the most established electronic signatures providers in the UK and others used within BMW markets in Europe, it became absolutely clear that only Dealflo was able to provide BMW FS with a solution that was both customer focused and legally enforceable within the UK. I cannot rate Dealflo highly enough, they have been a great supplier to work with and would not hesitate to recommend them as a supplier from both a solution and supplier perspective for the reasons given above.

— Andrew Harrison, Project Lead, BMW Financial Services

We now run 80% of our transactions through the Dealflo solution and it has delivered at every level keeping us at the very sharp end of modern technology whilst providing a simple but effective compliant sales process with a high level of good KYC and anti-fraud protection. The take up from our dealer partners has been close to 100%. Based on our experience I would have no hesitation in recommending the Dealflo technology, process and people as amongst the best to do business with.

— Terry Fletcher, Officer, Close Brothers Motor Finance

I was keen we got a head start on the electronic signature functionality when the law and guidance changed to allow it on finance agreements. At the time (2011) we looked at [Adobe] Echosign as it was the first we found and had used it to sign some commercial contracts. We also looked into Docusign and also doing it ourselves, since we are technology focused. Another part of the group have been through a similar process recently however we have gained legal and compliance comfort in the Dealflo solution so now have it in two parts of the group and are looking at a third arm too. Personally, I would recommend Dealflo as I have done to other parts of the group and another finance company.

— Matthew Hatton, IT Director, V12, Secure Trust Bank

Dealflo has major benefits for those clients who have introduced the technology thus far. As well as an increase in credit applications, overall, conversion of browsers to buyers is also up by a quarter (25%). The conversion time has also decreased dramatically from days to minutes.

— Lisa Harrison, Sales Director, Hitachi Capital