Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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Service Control Engine

Complete control over content, process, evidence and data

Content Management

Unlike traditional eSignature providers, the Dealflo user experience is 100% customisable for our clients. From brand, look and feel to workflow, messaging and communications, Dealflo clients have complete control of the user experience.

Process orchestration

Dealflo gives clients a control of every aspect of the transaction process at a more granular level. Dealflo modules (data capture, authentication, electronic / digital signature) and their surrounding components (e.g. document generation and vaulting) exist as independent modules that can be included and configured with whatever workflow clients require.
This enables clients to guarantee that legal and compliance processes are being adhered to throughout the transaction – not just during signing.

Workflow capabilities include:

  • Multiple user sessions
  • Transaction and session expiration management
  • Configurable e-mail reminders (frequency; content)
  • User experience branded according to customer’s style-guide
  • Customer branding utility available
  • Workflow driven e-mail notifications
  • Templated/Branded e-mail messages
  • Workflow driven system-to-system call-back notifications
  • Workflow driven identity validation and security checks (driver license; KBA)
  • Viewing, signing and printing agreements
  • Multi-signatory
  • Intermediated workflows
  • Forms to enter user/agent data
  • Download agreements
  • Ancillary documents uploading
  • Alternative workflows (opt-out, revert to wet-sign, ets.)
  • Automatic countersignature
  • Ad-hoc workflows
  • Visual document template design

MI / Evidence Management

Unlike traditional eSignature providers, Dealflo can gather a much wider range of evidence throughout the transaction – not just during signing. This includes evidence such as:

  • Name, address, date of birth
  • Bank account
  • Document verification
  • Geo-location
  • Device identity
  • Behavioural and biometric
  • Credit file
  • Affordability check
  • Contract documents
  • User interactions
  • Time / date data
  • User experience replay
  • Download / delivery information
  • Digital signature / certificate data
  • Qualified digital signature / certificate data

The ability to create, secure and retain additional evidence and to control the process by which it is created, gives Dealflo clients a much higher degree of control over their compliance and legal enforceability which, in turn helping them manage the overall risk of the transaction.

Data Analytics

Knowledge is power. Unlike traditional eSign providers, Dealflo is able to gather a wide range of customer and transaction related data. We are then able to apply advanced machine learning to these rich data sets to produce actionable information for our clients. Information such as:

  • Identifying higher value prospective customers
  • Predicting application fraud
  • Increasing credit conversion rates without increased risk