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Electronic Signature

Advanced signing capability

Advanced signing capability

Dealflo provides an electronic / digital signature module specifically designed for the execution of financial agreements in any major market around the world. Compared to a traditional eSignature provider, this means a greater emphasis on:

  • Enforceability
  • Compliance
  • Information security
  • Confidentiality
  • Resilience
  • Performance


  • Execution Layer: receives user authentication data, presents documents for review, captures consent and signing intent, and delivers appropriate copies of signed documents to all parties.
  • Control Layer: Co-ordinates, controls and monitors people, documents, activities, events, notifications, system and services
  • Evidence Layer: Captures and stores electronic evidence and audit trail information, including visual replay.

E-sign Features include:

  • Method agnostic: Click-to-sign, Challenge / response, Holographic, Signature pads, Voice
  • Customisable signature block text
  • Active audit-trail embedded in signed document
  • Cryptographic binding of signed document to workflow e-evidence
  • Secured flat copies
  • Evidence replaying