Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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Resilient and reliable

Dealflo’s end-to-end agreement automation service is certified ISO27001 with guaranteed localised data and the most rigorous standards around customer information and evidential integrity.

For our clients, we’re mission-critical. With carrier grade availability Dealflo is one of the most resilient and reliable agreement automation services.

Dealflo partners with AWS for service delivery – the world’s leading hosting service with a global network of secure data centres and the most comprehensive suite of certification and compliance standards commercially available.

Approved and accredited by
Secure by design

Dealflo works with some of the most security conscious financial institutions in the world.

Dealflo’s security architecture is built over AWS infrastructure with its own multi-layered defence with Virtual Private Cloud inbound and outbound firewall rules, web application firewalls, host firewalls, file integrity server access and configuration monitors, virtual instances and storage volume encryption.

We leverage the best practices of AWS policies, architecture, and operational processes. This includes physical, environmental and network security, network intrusion detection and network monitoring, Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) protection, complete firewall solution and more.

AWS infrastructure cloud is highly accredited and meets the requirements of an extensive list of global security standards, as referenced above.

Dealflo uses centralised key management solutions that ensure cryptographic keys used for data encryption and signing can be securely generated, stored and managed in the cloud by the authorised personnel within Dealflo’s infrastructure team and never by the cloud provider.

Our processes provide extra assurance through privilege user actions monitoring, server hardening (NIST SP 800-123 and CIS benchmarks), continuous instance monitoring, audit and alerting, tracking access to encrypted data and keys.

Data Residency

Geographical data ring-fencing, anywhere in the world. Guaranteed.

We guarantee our clients’ data residency and take full responsibility for our clients’ customer information.

While the global nature of AWS cloud allows Dealflo to seamlessly distribute its service across multiple geographies, Dealflo’s multi-tenant architecture also ensures that customer data always remains in the geographical region that satisfies customers’ compliance requirements.

Availability and certification

Carrier grade uptime
Performance and availability are at the core of Dealflo’s ability to deliver consistent and exceptional user experience. Our service is designed to take full advantage of the scalability and distributed nature of the cloud to ensure continuous availability and consistent user experience.

Dealflo infrastructure provides the highest availability with service components distributed across multiple geographies and availability zones in fully active-active mode to offer maximum resiliency against service outages.

Our infrastructure is continuously tested and audited for meeting the security controls and compliance requirements set forth by independent certification authorities. Dealflo Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) enables the continued accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of information as well as legal compliance, and is certified to ISO 27001 standard.

It includes people, processes and infrastructure and applies a risk management process for identifying risks and implementing appropriate management and technical controls.