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In a nutshell, what you will find out :

  • The digital evolution in financial services
  • Balancing customer experience with compliance - and how to win at both
  • The need for financial agreement automation
  • Case studies - how leading providers have driven change using Dealflo

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Digitising the financial agreement process

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Globally, there are $15 trillion of financial agreements signed annually.  Historically, one of the most challenging areas of digitisation for finance providers is the end-to-end automation of finance agreements – they have a patchwork of systems and manual processes which address elements of the process.

Dealflo, which integrates all the processes to provide end-to-end service to automate financial agreements, is delivering significant gains for financial services companies in the key areas of conversion rates, productivity, compliance and customer experience.

This whitepaper explores the challenges of digitisation in Financial Services and real life examples of how Dealflo has helped finance providers.