Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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Legal industry experts explain how financial services companies can create electronic agreements that are both legal and enforceable.

Dealflo have extensively researched the legal context surrounding eSignature and electronic agreement processing, and the creation of enforceable electronic agreements. In doing so, we have created a resource which collates expert opinion on the functional requirements for a legally robust electronic customer agreement process for customer onboarding.

In addition to reviewing relevant case law, we have obtained legal opinion from the UK’s leading experts in eSignature, electronic ID verification and Consumer Credit law.

Our assessment of evidential requirements is based upon the guidance and opinion of these expert parties. The legal opinions are reproduced in this white paper, with an analysis of the findings.

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What this guide covers:

  • Why financial institutions are digitising the customer agreement process.
  • Why the legality of electronically created agreements is important.
  • The risks involved in digitisation of the agreement process.
  • How to create enforceable digital agreements and mitigate risks.

  • Checklist of questions to determine whether your electronic agreements are at risk of being unenforceable.
  • Opinion from industry experts and analysts.
  • Opinion from the UK’s leading legal authority on eSignature.

Example Expert Opinion:

Karen Pauli

Karen Pauli

Senior Analyst, Tower Group

“ESignature and secure documents are heavily laden with security issues. It is critical that carriers make a realistic assessment of their own capabilities and determine if they will build or buy a solution. Tower Group finds that, increasingly, carriers are seeking vendors that have focused and detailed expertise in security related to specific applications and are partnering with them rather than doing internal development.”
Excerpt taken from: Electronic Signature and Secure Forms in the Insurance Industry: Taking the P&C Pen to the Web, © Tower Group, 2007

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