Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

To learn more about how this will help you in your digital transformation, please read the press release or visit

Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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How each stage of the perfect financial agreement process works.
Perfect means something different to each of our clients.
That's why the process can be tailored to your specific needs - whatever the workflow, complexity or language.
The process starts with a customer who wants to do business with you

They’re in branch, with an intermediary, online or on their mobile and they’re ready to sign up to a financial agreement. As long as the sign up process isn’t too painful.

So, are you going to make it easy or difficult?

And are you going to make sure that the process is fair, secure and fully compliant?

Enter Dealflo – a cloud-based platform that completely transforms the way you transact with your customers.

Prepare your customer’s data

The first job is to make sure that your customer’s data is ready for the agreement process. Name, address, date of birth, company details, marketing consent – whatever is needed to complete the agreement process.

Dealflo integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows and provides tools for customer data entry, application auto-population from images of identity documents or tools for intermediaries to manage and capture customer data securely. Fast, easy and error free.

Verify the customer exists

Next, you need to prove that your customer exists. Can you prove that you ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC)?

This is a vital step. Without proving identity at the point of signing – and without linking that evidence to the signed agreement – the resulting agreement could be unenforceable.

Dealflo’s Verification Hub™ gives you instant access to the widest array of Identity & Verification (ID&V) checks available, giving you choice and flexibility without the burden of multiple contracts, integrations and suppliers. Keeping the process moving and keeping you and your customer protected.

Check that you can do business with them

You now know the customer exists. But you also need to check whether you can do business with them.

Whatever your workflow needs, Dealflo helps you do this. Whether screening against Anti-Money Laundering lists running bank ownership checks or fraudscoring, Dealflo lets you complete all the necessary checks quickly and non-intrusively.

Fast, frictionless, fully compliant – and keeping you safe in the knowledge that your onboarding customers are properly risk-assessed.


Prove Your Customer

So, you have a confirmed identity – that your customer exists – and that you can do business with them. But how do you know for sure it’s them who’s in control of the device and doing the buying? To put it simply – can you Prove Your Customer?

Anti-impersonation checks are designed to make sure a user is genuinely the person you intend to be interacting with. There are various ways this can be achieved – from knowledge-based authentication (KBA), document and device verification through to facial comparison and biometrics. Dealflo’s Verification Hub™ enables you to select the best checks to maximise pass rates and minimise risk.

Generate and display the agreement

Once identity is verified and proven, the agreement is generated and displayed to the customer. This agreement should look the same across all devices, and it should include all relevant application data.

Dealflo’s platform does just this, and more.

To protect you in the event of an enforceability challenge, Dealflo visually records exactly what the customer saw and did at every step in the process. This creates strong evidence to prove that the customer saw the agreement terms before signing, and that a fair and compliant process was followed.

Prove the customer is willing to sign

This stage is concerned with collecting proof that the customer has all the facts needed to make a purchase decision and intends to enter into an agreement. Proof of intent is conveyed through a signature.

Paper documents need a written signature. Automated processes need an eSignature. Dealflo’s eSignature component complies with eIDAS, the legislation that governs eSignature use in the EU, and carries the same legal weight as a written signature.

Protect with a tamper-evident seal

So, a genuine customer has signed an agreement, a fair and compliant sales process has taken place, and you’ve recorded each stage of the process to prove it. Great.

But if a customer, regulator or judge challenges the enforceability of an agreement, how can you prove that the evidential data hasn’t been tampered with, or accidentally changed, after the process was complete?

Dealflo embeds all the identity, customer and process evidence into the agreement package and applies leading edge tamper-evident encryption technology called ‘Digital Signature’ to show that the transaction has full integrity. Tamperproof, safe, enforceable.

Secure in a digital vault

The signed agreement and evidence related to each customer transaction needs to be stored, but a locked filing cabinet or a folder on a server simply won’t do.

Dealflo stores the secure agreement and evidence package in an independent and compliant environment, which means no headaches when it comes to retrieval, information security, data privacy, GDPR compliance, or transferring evidence in a securitisation scenario. Dealflo takes care of it all.

Job done!

With Dealflo, the process is fast, easy and automated. Your customer enjoys a better experience, while you enjoy higher conversion rates, more revenue, and the peace of mind that, if challenged, you can prove:

  • Identity – who the customer was
  • Intent – what the customer wanted to do
  • Integrity – that all evidence is secure and tamperproof
  • Intelligibility – that all evidence is clear and easily understood

Job done and on to the next happy customer.

Why is end-to-end so important?

An end-to-end approach is where each step of the agreement process is automated via one platform.

This is important as only an end-to-end approach makes it possible to gather evidence at each stage of the customer’s agreement journey. And only an end-to-end approach links that evidence to the resulting agreement.

Using standalone technologies such as traditional eSignature or manual processes breaks this evidential link, making it difficult to prove that the evidence has integrity.

And the result? A single secure package containing all the evidence needed to ensure the agreements are fully enforceable.