Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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The strongest agreement automation service for enforceability and compliance

Financial agreement processes are complicated. You have to follow a proper, mandated series of steps. Not only that but you have to PROVE, if challenged, that you correctly followed every step from identity verification, agreement versioning and signature to storage and vaulting.

This is why so many financial services companies are still stuck with slow, semi-manual processes – processes that still don’t adequately prove that the sale was completed correctly.

This holds many financial services companies back – but not Dealflo customers. They get the benefits of automation because we’ve created the strongest possible agreement automation platform for enforceability and compliance, giving them protection during and after every transaction.

Freed from the risk of non-compliance, their processes are faster, more efficient and generate more sales. They don’t have to compromise – and nor do you.

How Dealflo makes agreements enforceable

Dealflo adheres to six principles that legal experts have identified for financial services companies to meet to mitigate the risks of non-enforceability when automating customer agreements.


As the users of this evidence are usually non technical (such as Customers, Regulators and Judges), all evidence should be:

Persuasive – be in simple, non-technical language that can easily be understood.

Retrievable – be quickly and easily retrievable if challenged.

Non-repudiable – have unity (stored in a single place) and integrity (can see if it has been changed in anyway).

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David Fletcher, Dealflo’s VP Sales, discusses the Six Principles
Dealflo has a significant advantage in terms of regulatory compliance and legal endorsement
How Dealflo manages risk

Dealflo provides the strongest possible service to manage risk in the customer agreement process, helping our customers manage application fraud, credit risk, advanced identity verification, anti-impersonation, regulatory compliance, legal enforceability and post-transaction events such as records management, securitisation and M&A activities.

Legal vs Enforceable

Being legal in theory does not guarantee your electronic agreements will be enforceable and practical when you need them most.

Clients don’t want precedents set by which all their agreements can be challenged. Dealflo is unique in its ability to deliver additional evidence and evidential integrity capabilities to protect our clients. Capabilities like: enhanced global identity checks; visual proofs of what customers saw and did during signing; integration and tamper-protection of authentication evidence and the removal of forward dependency.

Legal vs Compliant

Dealflo clients have the added burden of adherence to strict compliance regulation covering their financial agreements.

Unlike traditional e-signature providers, Dealflo provides end-to-end automation and control of the transaction. This means clients can define complete transaction workflow and gather comprehensive evidence moving them from a position of theoretical compliance with multiple third party dependencies (eg. intermediaries, bureaus, ID providers and e-Sign companies), to demonstrable compliance, owned and controlled solely by the financial institution.

Improved decision making

Through the Dealflo Verification Hub our clients have access to the world’s leading global anti-fraud services, all through the Dealflo API. No new integrations, contracts, project teams or SLAs. Services can be used individually or managed in combination, through the V-Hub workflow engine.

Unlike traditional eSignature technologies, Dealflo has unique access to a much richer data set though the V-Hub. We are able to apply advanced analytics to this data to help clients maximise acceptance, minimise risk and create evidence to support each check.

Customer data, protected

Dealflo’s end-to-end agreement automation service is independently ISO27001 certified.

The global network of data centres we use ensures customer data never leaves the local economic area with our hosting provider independently audited and certified for ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO27017, ISO27018, PCI DSS L1, SOC 1,2&3 and CAIQ v3.0.1. Plus, Dealflo is uniquely able to combine, secure and deliver all customer data back to our clients with pervasive integrity and no third party forward dependency.

In addition, for our EU clients, Dealflo supports GDPR compliance through consent capture, evidence provision and support for subject access and data deletion requests.

Approved for use by the world's leading law firms