Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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MotoNovo Finance is a motor-oriented consumer finance company headquartered in Cardiff. Writing over £150m in new business per month, it is the 2nd largest motor finance provider in the UK used car sector.

By challenging the status quo and adapting to new innovations MotoNovo successfully continues to make the motor finance agreement process easier for both dealers and consumers.

In 2012, MotoNovo sought to grow its 6% market share. Ambitious growth plans weren’t going to be achieved by just hiring more people. It needed to do something innovative:

“We were looking to improve on the scalability of the business, the compliant journey for the customer, and the customer experience of interacting with us. We realised that we needed a partner to help us automate some of our customer’s journey and to help bring new technology into the business.”

MotoNovo provide finance for customers through a network of car dealers. In 2012, the finance agreement process was as follows: MotoNovo would email a PDF document to a dealer; the dealer would print it off, go through 17 or 18 pages of paper with the customer, and fax or email back the signed agreement. MotoNovo had no control over the signing process and no insight into what the customer actually saw and did when they signed the agreement.

“We were reliant on dealers to take customers through a paper-based signing process, often with agreements of 17-18 pages in length. We were concerned that customers weren’t getting a consistent experience of MotoNovo, and we were concerned about the dealers’ influence on that journey.”


In 2012 MotoNovo engaged with Dealflo (part of OneSpan) to fully digitise the end-to-end finance agreement process. Utilising the OneSpan Dealflo platform, MotoNovo’s customers now complete their motor finance agreement via a fully digital journey – at home, or on premises at the dealership. This can be assisted (with the help of a dealer) or unassisted (if the customer would rather enter into a finance agreement without the assistance of a dealer).

By automating the entire customer journey (from application to ID verification to document presentation and signing), the customer experience is enhanced, and compliance is improved. MotoNovo can now be sure that every customer follows a mandated, compliant, digital journey – and they have evidence to prove it if challenged. As Dave Briggs, COO at MotoNovo notes:

“Back in 2012 we engaged with OneSpan Dealflo to look at digitising the customer journey. What we found is that not only is the OneSpan Dealflo signing process a better experience for customers, but we can also use it to improve compliance and improve the customer journey in the dealer showroom.”



By automating new business, MotoNovo has grown exponentially. Around 40% of new business is fully automated and hits the books without anyone seeing or touching it.

Quality and consistency of customer experience

Dealflo has brought MotoNovo closer to its customers and made the customer journey frictionless and consistent.

Faster payouts and simpler processes for dealers

As a result of getting verifiable information instantly, MotoNovo was able to automate dealer payouts. Dealers now receive instant payouts at the point of signing without waiting hours or days as they do with some of MotoNovo’s competitors.

“For our dealers, cash flow is extremely important. The speed of payout was equally as important to the dealers as the improved efficiencies that we gained from the process.”

“Many of our dealers are mechanics, car buyers, advertising and sales professionals. They aren’t financial experts, and we shouldn’t expect them to be. By automating the agreement process we take some of the pressure off the dealership team and ensure that customers receive a consistent service.”

Compliance and collection of evidence

By using Dealflo, MotoNovo now know that each customer goes through a compliant journey, and they have the evidence to prove it. This evidence is essential for resolving potential disputes.

“In the five years we’ve used Dealflo, we’ve never lost a challenge around the enforceability of a digital signature, or a digitally signed agreement.”

Decreased risk of fraud

Rather than depending on dealers to verify identification documents (i.e. driving licenses and passports), Dealflo’s system automates the verification, reducing the risk of fraud.

“I would highly recommend Dealflo. I believe this is the future, and the more normal it becomes in our industry, the better it’s going to be for everyone.”

Dave Briggs

COO, MotoNovo



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