Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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Dealflo is now part of OneSpan (previously VASCO).

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Why Dealflo?

With the firepower of multiple global identity verification checks, electronic and digital signature, vaulting, sophisticated workflow and advanced analytics all delivered in an automated, paperless and end-to-end service, Dealflo takes the business case to the next level.


Sales, uplifted

As a paperless end-to-end service, Dealflo enables clients to automate more of the transaction process than they can using traditional eSign vendors alone. Clients also have greater control over the complete user experience.

Through Dealflo’s unique Verification Hub, clients can positively identify a higher proportion of customers than using a single vendor. Improved ID&V, and improved user experience drives increased adoption and increased sales.

Lastly, Dealflo’s data analytics capabilities increase clients’ sales by identifying more valuable browsing customers and increasing credit conversion – without increasing risk.

” …conversion up by 25%… time decreased dramatically from days to minutes  “

Lisa Harrison, Sales Director, Hitachi Capital

Hitachi Captial

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Costs, shrunk

The more you can automate, the more you can save.
Dealflo can automate 100% of any financial transaction in any major market.

Enabling our clients to fully automate their end-to-end process also means they can then automate internal downstream processes (in the knowledge that the upstream process has been done correctly – or not done at all). All this delivered through a single integration.

The result, for our clients, is simple – Dealflo has the biggest impact on efficiency.

” The efficiency gains are blindingly obvious… “

David Briggs, Chief Operating Officer, Motonovo, First Rand Bank

First Rand Bank

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Risk, managed

In contrast to a traditional electronic signature technology, Dealflo has an increased focus on enforceability, compliance, evidential integrity, information security and confidentiality.

Dealflo’s end-to-end service is independently ISO27001 certified and is able to generate a wider range of evidence types to protect our clients including advanced ID verification, bank, documentary, biometric checks and customer interaction evidence amongst others.

The way we collect, secure and store (or enable clients to store) digital evidence is also uniquely designed to assist financial institutions to better manage legal, fraud, compliance and commercial risk.

” best covered the challenge to electronic signature… “

Terry Fletcher, Officer, Close Brothers Motor Finance

Close Brothers

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Carbon, reduced

Go paperless.

Dealflo’s contract automation platform helps shrink your footprint.

Dealflo can automate 100% of any financial transaction in any major market. Unlike traditional eSign providers, this includes ID verification, anti-impersonation, referral processes and downstream client processes.

The result, for our clients is, simple – like our logo, Dealflo is greener.

” …we have gained legal and compliance comfort in the Dealflo solution…”

Matthew Hatton, IT Director, V12, Secure Trust Bank

Secure Trust Bank

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